Infographic: 30 things you didn’t know about Claxton Engineering

Posted by Andy Norman on 02-Nov-2015 16:23:18

2015 marks our 30th birthday here at Claxton Engineering. To celebrate, we’ve created an infographic of 30 facts you may not know about us – scroll down to see them all…

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Topics: decommissioning, offshore asset life extension, drilling risers, well abandonment, offshore and downhole cameras, conductor centralizers, upstream industry insight, north sea

Completing an offshore subsea tree installation with a MULTICAM camera system

Posted by Andy Norman on 26-Aug-2015 12:14:02

Any additional assistance to complete a subsea tree installation is more than welcome for engineers like you, whether you’re securing to an underwater wellhead in shallow or deep waters. Remotely Operated Vehicles (ROVs) have helped to increase speed and safety since the advent of the subsea tree (also known as Christmas tree) installation in the 1950s. However, even in some projects, the technology of a brand new ROV simply isn’t enough.

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Topics: offshore and downhole cameras

How to choose the right subsea camera system for your operations

Posted by Jamie Hall on 03-Nov-2014 10:30:00

Making decisions based on limited information in the subsea sector can be catastrophic. Where eyes cannot see, cameras are required to monitor a situation before action is taken – having the right combination of subsea visualisation options is often critical when you need to verify an installation, or make decisions if you come up against an issue.

It’s become common to rely on ROV’s –  however there are cost effective options that can either reach where an ROV would struggle to reach, or can be used as alternative or back up system to keep your ROV on the critical path.

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Topics: offshore and downhole cameras

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