The Infographic Guide to Claxton's Drilling Riser Capability

Posted by Claxton Marketing Team on 13-Mar-2019 09:30:00


Claxton has been supplying subsea and surface riser systems for over 30 years. The experience and expertise we have built up during that time have led to hundreds of successful projects. Our rental riser and adaptor inventory extend to over 1000 meters of riser, with over 4000 ancillary items.

Here are some key facts and figures to show how we have shaped a turnkey service that has already helped operators and projects all over the world.

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The truth about cyber security’s impact on the oil and gas industry

Posted by Andy Norman on 31-Aug-2017 10:21:48

A 2016 report by PWC that looked into information security in the oil and gas industry, found that cyber-attacks are still rife, despite a 30% decline in incidences, compared to the previous year. With an average information security budget of $5.4 million, companies are well-equipping themselves for a worst-case scenario.

But is there any truth that company’s data, infrastructure and bottom-line could all be damaged through cyber attacks alone? This blog looks at the truth about cybercrime in the oil and gas industry and what businesses are doing to protect themselves in the future.

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Infographic: 30 things you didn’t know about Claxton Engineering

Posted by Andy Norman on 02-Nov-2015 16:23:18

2015 marks our 30th birthday here at Claxton Engineering. To celebrate, we’ve created an infographic of 30 facts you may not know about us – scroll down to see them all…

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Recovery underway? An executive review of Q2 in the oil and gas industry

Posted by Andy Norman on 18-Aug-2015 10:35:46

Despite the hangover from a falling oil price in autumn 2014, the state of the oil and gas industry has been recorded as being ‘positive’ for the first time in 12 months.

According to the Oil & Gas UK Business Sentiment Index (BSI), respondents scored Q2 -27 on a scale of -50/+50 which marked a four point increase from the first quarter (-31). The index took into consideration a number of indicators including business confidence, business revenue, levels of activity, investment and employment too.

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An infographic guide to the HSE UKCS asset life extension report

Posted by Jamie Hall on 05-Feb-2015 10:21:00

Issues arising from asset ageing and life extension presents key challenges for the offshore oil and gas industry. In 2011, the industry began to collaborate with the Health & Safety Exectuive (HSE) to earmark issues that operators could improve on, and offer recommendations on how these could be achieved in 2015 and beyond.

Here is what the report found...

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