Claxton Uncovered: Overcoming challenges and nurturing growth in the Middle East

Posted by Claxton Marketing Team on 08-Aug-2018 10:00:00

Claxton Uncovered is a blog format featuring behind-the-scenes information from staff members throughout the organisation.

From Aberdeen to Dubai, Claxton’s recently appointed Middle East regional manager brings an interesting career path and years’ worth of experience to Claxton. Graham Milne is responsible for managing all aspects of Claxton’s projects in the Middle East whilst being the key focal point for our other regional offices around the world. His team, based in Dubai, has recently expanded to meet operational demand and consists of service technicians, engineers and administrative staff.  

In this blog, Graham shares his experience of the industry changes since leaving his homeland for the second time to work abroad. He also provides an overview on managing a new regional team, how he will develop his people, and improve processes to influence change.

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An infographic guide to the HSE UKCS asset life extension report

Posted by Jamie Hall on 05-Feb-2015 10:21:00

Issues arising from asset ageing and life extension presents key challenges for the offshore oil and gas industry. In 2011, the industry began to collaborate with the Health & Safety Exectuive (HSE) to earmark issues that operators could improve on, and offer recommendations on how these could be achieved in 2015 and beyond.

Here is what the report found...

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Topics: offshore asset life extension, conductor integrity, conductor centralizers, north sea

Interview: The benefits of slot recovery operations in lean times

Posted by Jamie Hall on 02-Feb-2015 10:17:23

With oil prices – and the resulting fallout of the price decline – continuing to dominate industry headlines, operators are turning to cost-cutting measures and focusing on production efficiency.

It is important to remember that there are many well-proven options open to operators looking to cost-effectively boost their production. One of these routes is slot recovery – the removal of old or underperforming wells to re-use platform ‘slots’ and well bays.

We sat down with Nick Marriott, Claxton’s region manager for Dubai to discuss what this means. Over to Nick…

Photo: Claxton service technicians recovering a conductor during a slot recovery in the North Sea.

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Topics: conductor slot recovery, offshore asset life extension, conductor integrity

Thank you for making Claxton centralizers number one in the North Sea

Posted by Jamie Hall on 20-Jan-2015 15:57:00

Thank you for making Claxton the number one structural centralizer supplier in the North Sea.

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Topics: conductor integrity, conductor centralizers, north sea

The engineers infographic guide to conductor centralizers

Posted by Jamie Hall on 14-Jan-2015 11:08:00

Conductor centralizers are often overlooked early-on in the design of a platform and the associated platform / well conductor interfaces. However, while centralizers appear simple on the surface, they are vital to long term conductor integrity.

To find out more, download Claxton's Centralizer Buyers Guide by clicking here.

Below, our structures engineers have out together their guide to conductor centralizers and their application.

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Topics: conductor integrity, conductor centralizers, north sea

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