Six ways Claxton can help to reduce the cost of your offshore projects

Posted by Jamie Hall on 19-Dec-2014 13:30:00

Although current concerns about oil price mean operators will be reviewing their forthcoming plans, there are projects and workscopes that will continue.

For instance: Some operators will be forging ahead with exploration work to bolster future reserves for when prices increase, which is something ConocoPhillips have revealed despite announcing overall spending cuts recently. Meanwhile others will want to maintain older assets that still have production life – and in many instances planned decommissioning works will be a necessity.

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Topics: offshore asset life extension, drilling risers, conductor integrity, conductor installation

Eliminating wasted rig time during conductor installation operations

Posted by Jamie Hall on 19-Nov-2014 13:24:00

Image: Claxton’s new conductor cementing support system is already saving rig time for two major North Sea operators.

Currently in use by two major North Sea operators, Claxton’s conductor cementing support system (CCSS) negates the need for the drilling rig to wait on cement when batch-setting well conductors – saving anything from 12 to 18 hours per installation operation.

Recently it has become increasingly common for operators to install conductors through their jacket structure, prior to installing platform topsides.

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