Claxton Uncovered: A day in the life of an offshore technician operating in the Middle East

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Claxton Uncovered is a blog format featuring behind-the-scenes information from staff members throughout the organisation.


Having worked for Claxton for almost five years, Danish is on the front line of delivering offshore services to clients safely and on time. As an offshore technician, Danish has to expect the unexpected – after all, ageing assets in the Middle East can throw up all sorts of challenges, as we have explored in a previous blog.

After completing a diploma in Mechanical Engineering and gaining years worth of hands on industry experience, Danish joined Claxton’s Dubai base as a senior offshore service technician to gain greater operational understanding in the Middle East and further afield.


The campaigns that Danish is deployed on can range from straightforward surface wellhead installations and cold cutting operations to complex asset life extension projects where the integrity of the components is in question. The latter requires bespoke solutions to be devised and executed in order to achieve cost savings and increase platform longevity for the client.

Danish works closely with the rest of the Claxton team in the Middle East and the UK headquarters to:

  • Test and install new equipment both onshore and offshore
  • Fault-find and carry out routine repairs to client’s equipment
  • Interpret and work from technical drawings
  • Operate mechanical and hydraulic equipment such as high-pressure pumps, hand tools and specialised mechanical tooling
  • Complete technical reports with details of work carried out
  • Maintain equipment onshore in the company warehouse.

For Danish, the role involves much more than just working offshore. He is currently pursuing a post graduate diploma in project management, which when coupled with the project engineering experience he is gaining with Claxton, keeps his day-to-day activities exciting and varied. When onshore, Danish could be called on at short notice to carry out a repair job on a rig, platform or at an onshore location, which keeps him on his toes.


The deteriorating condition of over-worked and ageing assets in the Middle East is a reality. For example, some assets have severe corrosion problems, meaning mitigation strategies have had to be implemented to maintain integrity – something we’ve previously covered on our blog. Danish explained, “We understand the challenges that clients are experiencing with their assets which is why Claxton engages as early as possible to implement best practices and ensure well integrity during the planning and offshore phases of the project.”

Danish also explained how tight client deadlines, changing project scopes and last-minute calls outs can be a challenge, but completely achievable from the Claxton team. “We have a reactive approach, and a can-do attitude to deliver for our clients every time. We don’t shy away from getting stuck in to onshore operations in the workshop to get the equipment prepared and mobilised for projects.”


Wellhead maintenance in the Middle East is one of Claxton’s most popular product streams. One wellhead system requirement saw Danish go above and beyond his offshore technician role. Danish was assigned the project management role, under the supervision of one of Claxton’s project engineers.

As an offshore technician, Danish is no stranger to interfacing with clients, but part of the challenge was to extend his capabilities to coordinate suppliers and ensure that the project ran without a glitch. The scope of work included preparing detailed programmes of work, equipment and instructions for onshore and offshore preparation and installation. Danish handled everything from the manufacturing and pressure testing to the packing and dispatch of the wellhead system, all within a tight timescale.

Speaking on the project, Danish said, “This was my most challenging and rewarding assignment to date because it pushed me out of my comfort zone. It was a steep learning curve as it was not something I had previous experience of. For me it has opened a whole new window of opportunity and was part of the reason I chose to embark on further studies, enrolling on the management diploma.”


Each job for an offshore technician is unique and comes with its own tests. Danish advises that anybody looking to get into the industry needs to be prepared for these challenges and ready to apply hard work and dedication.

“Being an offshore technician is rewarding, especially when all the precise planning and preparation pays off with a successful campaign. Solving operational issues for the client is part of what keeps the role interesting. Being an offshore technician, I am proud to be one of the faces of Claxton operating directly with the client, and I pride myself on working in a professional and safe manner at all times.”

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