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Claxton Uncovered: Fast Stream to Business Success with Sapphire Withers

Posted by Sapphire Withers on 25-Mar-2019 09:00:00

Claxton Uncovered is a blog format featuring behind-the-scenes information from staff members throughout the organisation.



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What does 2018 tell us about the future of Drilling & Exploration? / Regional Report: A focus on the Mexican wave

Posted by Sapphire Withers on 17-Jan-2019 13:00:00

In 2019 confidence is buoyed for a potential worldwide increase in exploration and production, particularly so in North America, where rig activity levels are demonstrably on the increase.

Our January blog looks back at global trends from the past 12 months that we feel will influence 2019 and beyond. We also analyse in depth the North American continent with particular focus on Mexico. We also hope to feature other countries over the year to provide context and interest. 

the global scene and growth scenarios

The market is generally picking up, seeing investment in the upstream industry set to increase six percent year-on-year according to PriceWaterhouseCoopers.

North America in particular, is investing more in oil and gas exploration and is driving growth in capex: 

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