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Drilling through a jacket: Challenges & solutions

Posted by Ann Vicens on 13-May-2019 14:00:00

The development phase of an offshore installation can be time-consuming, often involving great upfront expenditure. The prospect of drilling before the installation is completed gives operators the chance to bring wells online ahead of schedule, therefore improving the overall economics of a project through early oil production, which achieves both time and cost savings.

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Topics: drilling risers, north sea, riser

S.T.E.M.MING The tide of ignorance and encouraging sea change of opportunity

Posted by Ann Vicens on 04-Mar-2019 12:00:00

In this blog, we take a look at the subject of S.T.E.M (an acronym for the fields of Science, Technology, Engineering and Math) with Claxton’s, Ann Vicens, a respected engineer with a long and diverse career history in the industry, is not only a specialist Product Leader, but very much representative of a successful woman contributing to cultural change in the workplace.

A passionate advocate for equal opportunities within traditional male-dominated industries, Ann has experienced positive change over the years, yet feels there is still some way to go to encourage an operating environment conducive to all gender types and abilities.


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Topics: STEM, Women in engineering

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