Brand values and your brand’s value

Posted by Andy Norman on 22-Feb-2018 11:45:00

While the decline in the oil and gas industry has presented huge challenges, recognising this and accepting the market environment has enabled organisations to re-focus and look for a different, more strategic approach to define their brand and service offering.

The first steps to develop a positive brand proposition and influence growth starts with a company’s values and culture. Business owners don’t always equate an organisations values with the value of their brand. Knowing exactly what you stand for however, particularly in challenging times is critical to establishing a strong culture within your organisation.

Andy Norman, Head of Brand and Marketing, Claxton, discusses in this blog how his team have reenergised its purpose by integrating its brand values into the operations of the organisation and explains what benefits this has had.


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7 frequently asked decommissioning questions

Posted by Andy Norman on 30-Jan-2018 12:00:00

Decommissioning has become an integral part of the offshore industry over recent years as operators seek to reduce their asset stock and remain profitable at the same time. With the ever-increasing pressure to save money, it’s important that oil companies have a reliable and expert supply chain to rely on for guidance and support.

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5 essentials you won't want to miss when planning decommissioning projects

Posted by Andy Norman on 20-Dec-2017 12:00:00

Decommissioning, as we have seen in the case of recent North Sea projects, is set to be increasingly technically challenging, and with that, costly. From initial planning to the site clean-up, a decommissioning project can also take a significant period — potentially years to complete.  

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What does 2017 tell us about the future of North Sea Offshore Decommissioning?

Posted by Andy Norman on 29-Nov-2017 13:00:00

As we eagerly await the annual facts and figures from industry analysts, every sign points at 2017 as being a positive year for decommissioning progress, particularly in the North Sea.

In January, we discussed in the Claxton blog predictions made by Oil and Gas UK, who, in their 2016 Decommissioning Insight, evaluated what the industry planned to do collectively to sustain efficiency improvements and cost reductions.

Since the turn of the year, there have been key developments which has seen a huge decommissioning shift, and although nobody can say for certain what the future will hold, there is no doubt that the events of this year will influence the future of the sector.

In this blog, we will compare predictions made earlier in the year with the events that have transpired, and give an insight into how offshore decommissioning is shaping up for the future.

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How marine growth is affecting ageing structures in the oil and gas industry

Posted by Andy Norman on 19-Oct-2017 11:00:00

Any structure submerged in the sea will eventually host a community of marine organisms, making biofouling and marine growth an unavoidable issue within the offshore oil and gas industry.  

As previously discussed in the Claxton blog, 50% of all technical integrity incidents are related to ageing assets, so it’s important to slow down this ageing process by introducing preventive measures. Marine growth in particular has huge consequences for structural integrity, hydrodynamic efficiency, and survivability of assets, and these measures can mitigate some of the costs that are amplified by the effects of biofouling.

Read on to find out the effects of biofouling, the issues it can cause, and the plans we can build on to help prevent asset degradation.

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