Claxton Uncovered: ‘Making the Middle East our home’ with Nick Marriott

Posted by Andy Norman on 18-Oct-2016 10:39:29

Great Yarmouth, Aberdeen, Egypt, Brazil, Iran, Angola, Nigeria, Oman, Dubai and many more cities and countries around the world have been the host of Claxton’s own Nick Marriott. The nomadic Manager, who has now resided in the Middle East for three-and-a-half years, shares his experiences of working in the industry for over forty years – which includes 23 house moves in the process.

As Region Manager, Nick is responsible for all aspects of Claxton’s work in the Middle East. As well as full operational and budget responsibility, Nick is also in charge of sales, marketing and business development – with the assistance of his small but growing team of service technicians, engineers and administrative staff. Here, he gives us his thoughts on moving to the Middle East, the industry challenges in the region, and his highlights over the past few years.

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Prospects for the Norwegian Continental Shelf revealed in new offshore report

Posted by Andy Norman on 04-Oct-2016 10:04:14

Any effect of an industry downturn was certainly not felt at the latest Offshore Northern Sea (ONS) conference this year in Stavanger, Norway. The four-day event attracted the second largest attendance ever at the conference, almost 66,000 industry experts. Amongst the dozens of keynote speakers taking to the stage was Wood Mackenzie’s Principal Analyst, Malcolm Dickson.

Malcolm used the speaking slot to reveal his statistical findings around his research on the Norwegian Continental Shelf (NCS), including how oil prices had damaged investment in the region and how supply and demand for exploration projects had changed. However, in his presentation, Malcolm also pointed towards the positive collaborative work being done to ‘optimise’ and reduce costs in order to get the industry moving again.

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Creating a customer-focussed culture in the offshore industry

Posted by Andy Norman on 20-Sep-2016 10:01:20

Over 2016, stakeholders in the oil and gas industry are becoming clearer about what needs to be done to return to the ‘good times’. As Deloitte’s US Oil & Gas leader John England described, the industry at first responded by experiencing the five stages of grief:

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Beyond 2016: Offshore industry trends highlighted in energy report

Posted by Andy Norman on 06-Sep-2016 10:28:22

McKinsey Energy Insights have released their latest Global Energy Demand Outlook video report, providing valuable insight into the global energy landscape until 2050. Taking into account statistics from 21 regions, 25 sectors, and 34 fuel types, the video report has laid out potential scenarios that the offshore industry could face in the next 35 years.

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The growing importance of clearer decommissioning costs for the UK offshore industry

Posted by Andy Norman on 23-Aug-2016 10:00:16

A requirement to understand decommissioning costs is becoming more important as operators in maturing basins begin to make decisions on their oldest of assets. While definitive costs are still to be put on paper by operators, the supply chain, and trade associations alike, feel that cost uncertainty may be preventing some decommissioning projects from happening.

Oil & Gas UK’s most recent Decommissioning Insight Survey gave the oil and gas industry the best intelligence and insight into decommissioning costs yet. Between 2015 and 2024, Oil & Gas UK anticipate over £16.9 billion will be spent on decommissioning on the UK Continental Shelf (UKCS) alone – with 45% of the cost going towards the plugging and abandonment of wells. More insight into the costs outlined in the Decommissioning Insight Survey can be seen on our infographic.

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