Claxton Uncovered: Overcoming challenges and nurturing growth in the Middle East

Posted by Claxton Marketing Team on 08-Aug-2018 10:00:00

Claxton Uncovered is a blog format featuring behind-the-scenes information from staff members throughout the organisation.

From Aberdeen to Dubai, Claxton’s recently appointed Middle East regional manager brings an interesting career path and years’ worth of experience to Claxton. Graham Milne is responsible for managing all aspects of Claxton’s projects in the Middle East whilst being the key focal point for our other regional offices around the world. His team, based in Dubai, has recently expanded to meet operational demand and consists of service technicians, engineers and administrative staff.  

In this blog, Graham shares his experience of the industry changes since leaving his homeland for the second time to work abroad. He also provides an overview on managing a new regional team, how he will develop his people, and improve processes to influence change.

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How to utilise a jack-up lift barge for decommissioning projects

Posted by Matt Marcantonio on 24-Jul-2018 09:30:00

With rig day rates only increasing, operators are now placing more importance on finding alternative methods to decommission ageing assets to drive efficiency savings. Rigless abandonments are nothing new, in fact, Claxton performed the world’s first rigless platform well abandonment campaign on the Esmond, Forbes and Gordon field over 20 years ago. However, in recent years we have seen an increased demand for combined platform and jack-up lift barge (JULB) operations. This blog, which is part of our new decommissioning series, explains how a jack-up lift barge can be utilised to realise time and cost savings whilst increasing efficiency.

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Claxton's Decommissioning Marine Package - Facts & Figures 2018

Posted by Lisa Bland on 10-Jul-2018 09:30:00


Claxton's decommissioning marine package gives the flexibility, tooling and resources to abandon wells either riglessly or rig-based by using multi-platform deployable equipment which utilises the client’s existing assets. The products, tooling and personnel supplied by Claxton, provide a cost-effective timely end to end solution for client’s decommissioning requirements.

In this infographic we explore the benefits and features of our products which we have developed over the past two decades.

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Decommissioning - Innovation & New Technology 'The Story so Far'

Posted by Lisa Bland on 14-Jun-2018 09:30:00

As part of our decommissioning offering we will be publishing a series of exclusive thought leadership blogs throughout 2018. This channel allows us to communicate directly with our readers on challenges that may be facing the industry or wider and allows us to offer some of our ideas and provide innovative solutions. We invite you to comment, share, and be a part of the growing Claxton community. If there is a particular subject you would like us to cover, please let us know. To start the series, we thought we would provide you with Claxton’s decommissioning story so far and how our industry defining technology developments and services have defined rigless and rig-based decommissioning.

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Three key Claxton projects that have influenced their decommissioning offering

Posted by Andy Norman on 18-Apr-2018 09:30:00


Decommissioning has become an integral part of the offshore industry over the past few years as operators seek to reduce their asset stock and remain profitable at the same time. To achieve this, it’s important that clients have a reliable and expert supply chain to rely on for guidance and support.

Responding to operator’s needs has led to the continuous investment in Claxton’s service offering. The company is now experienced in platform, subsea, rigless and vessel-based campaigns, and supports well decommissioning by providing risers, wellhead removal, conductor severance, well P&A and solutions to overcome integrity issues with platforms or ageing well infrastructure.

This blog gives an overview of three key projects, which demonstrate the capabilities of Claxton’s market leading decommissioning products, that have influenced their overall offering.

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